Monday, June 30, 2008

Upacara Konvokesyen Universiti Sains Malaysia Ke-38

Its finally here!!! USM's 38th Convocation... and this time around, its our turn!! heres the press release which you can also read at

PULAU PINANG, 27 JUN: Upacara Konvokesyen Ke-38,
Universiti Sains Malaysia yang bakal berlangsung pada 14 hingga 17 Ogos 2008
dijangka akan menyaksikan penganugerahan ijazah-ijazah kepada lebih 7,000 orang graduan.Sesi pertama Upacara Konvokesyen Ke-38 akan dipengerusikan oleh D.Y.M.M. Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail, Canselor USM.Para graduan juga boleh menyaksikan aturan sidang bagi ijazah masing-masing seperti yang dilampirkan di bawah ini.

Untuk maklumat lanjut berhubung Upacara Konvokesyen Ke-38, bakal-bakal graduan boleh menghubungi Sekretariat Upacara Konvokesyen Ke-38 di pejabat Perhubungan Awam USM menerusi talian 04-653 3114/3126/3628/2519/3902 atau menerusi e-mel: or


Sidang Pertama, Khamis, 14 Ogos 2008,
9.00 pagi Pengerusi: D.Y.M.M. Tuanku Canselor

Ijazah Kehormat
Profesor Emeritus
Doktor Falsafah
Doktor Pentadbiran Perniagaan
Doktor Pendidikan
Sarjana Sains (Kejuruteraan)*
Sarjana Sains (Kesihatan & Perubatan)*
Sarjana Sains (Tulen)*
Sarjana Sastera*
Sarjana Sains (Sains Gunaan)*
Sarjana Sains (Kejuruteraan)
Sarjana Perubatan
Sarjana Patologi
Sarjana Perubatan Masyarakat
Sarjana Surgeri
Sarjana Sains (Sains Sukan)
Sarjana Sains (Pendidikan Perubatan)
Sarjana Sains (Penyelidikan Perubatan)
Sarjana Sains (Statistik Perubatan)
Sarjana Sains (Sains Transfusi)
Sarjana Sains (Perubatan Intergratif)
Sarjana Sains (Anatomi Klinikal)
Sarjana Sains (Tulen)
Sarjana Sastera
Sarjana Pendidikan
Sarjana Pentadbiran Perniagaan
Sarjana Pentadbiran Awam
Sarjana Komunikasi
Sarjana Pengurusan Ekonomi
Sarjana Instruksi Multimedia
Sarjana Kajian Antarabangsa & Diplomasi
Sarjana Kerja Sosial
Sarjana Farmasi (Farmasi Klinikal)
SM Seni Bina
Doktor Perubatan

Sidang Kedua, Khamis, 14 Ogos 2008,
3.00 petang Pengerusi: Tan Sri Lin See Yan
SM Farmasi
SM Farmasi (UA)
SM Sains Kemasyarakatan
SM Sains Kemasyarakatan (JJ)
SM Seni Halus
SM Seni Muzik

Sidang Ketiga, Jumaat, 15 Ogos 2008,
9.00 pagi Pengerusi: Tan Sri Lin See Yan

SM Sastera
SM Sastera (Seni)
SM Sastera (JJ)
SM Perakaunan

Sidang Keempat, Jumaat, 15 Ogos 2008, 3.30
petang. Pengerusi: Tan Sri Lin See Yan

SM Kejuruteraan
SM Kejuruteraan (JJ)

Sidang Kelima, Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2008, 9.00 pagi
Pengerusi: Tan Sri Razali Ismail

SM Pendidikan
SM Pendidikan (JJ)
SM Sains
SM Sains (JJ)

Sidang Keenam, Sabtu, 16 Ogos 2008,
3.00 petang Pengerusi: Tan Sri Razali Ismail

SM Sains Gunaan
SM Sains Kesihatan
Doktor Pergigian

SM Sains dengan Pendidikan

Sidang Ketujuh, Ahad, 17 Ogos 2008,
9.00 pagi Pengerusi: Tan Sri Razali Ismail

SM Teknologi
SM Pengurusan
SM Pengurusan (UA)
SM Pengurusan (JJ)

Sidang Kelapan, Ahad, 17 Ogos, 3.00 petang
Pengerusi: Tan Sri Razali Ismail

SM Sains (PBP)
SM Sains Komputer
SM Sains Komputer (UA)
SM Komunikasi
SM Komunikasi (UA)
SM Sastera Dengan Pendidikan

i know we are now all broke (and the price hike is sure not helping!) but be sure to be updated on this event so you know when your baju needs to be ready..yay! will try to provide any valuable information as it comes along!

Sophia aka Lady Dark

Komentar :

ada 30 comments ke “Upacara Konvokesyen Universiti Sains Malaysia Ke-38”
non-eurasian said...
pada hari 

Adoi..byk kos nak kena pakai nih! Apa macam nih??

Apa2..congrats la!!!Grad dgn distinction tuuu!!!

berkat sokongan semua...!
Ayuh..mana2 patient yg penah berurusan,laungankanlah CONGRATULATION tu Capt.Dr.Sophia kita...

Hidup eurasian!!!!

fleabag said...
pada hari 

YAY,YAY!!!! convo dah dekat!!! tak sabar. eventho i'm not a usm student but my sister is.. i am soooo pround of her.. like everyone else say, distinction tuu.. hahaha

law-yer said...
pada hari 


i'm so proud to...

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

owh.. thank you... thank you very much... (elvis style, keke)

anyway, email dah dihantar, tgh tunggu reply from usm about raptai and all that.

tak yah bimbang pasal kos... khabarnya brother-in-law fleabag telah bermurah hati untuk menanggungnya... in sickness and in health, till death do us part!!!

dr.onenz said...
pada hari 

raptai camne,bila?
ambik jubah bila?
yuran konvo camne?
kalo tau inform k,aku nak book hotel cepat2 nih,in case kaolu suma hotel fullbook aku n family nak bli khemah je.ahaks

ju-z best said...
pada hari 

baju konvo aku siap sebelum aku amik pro lagi...hahahhah...over..

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

wah2... ju-z... baju dah siap before PRO... ni baru batch 08!!! haha..

papehal, welcome buat runin. rajin2 la check site ni. kalau ada pape info aku akan update kat sini. senang skit kot utk ko buat urusan jual beli khemah. umah ju-Z bnyk ruang nak pacak khemah ko... tak pun, kat umah bid ke...keke.. anyway nen, gi tengok article bulan april "a year of blogging and..."...ada surprise utk ko yg ko tak tengok lg..

CSI Fan said...
pada hari 

tahniah dan selamat masuk group ALUMNI USM.boleh joint kiter lak.
kalau saya ari tu bawak family dok batu feringgi..amcam u bawak jugak ke Aboo tu..

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

thank you CSI Fan! nampaknya kita akan sama ALUMNI... cool..!

hmm.... mmg nak bawak aboo skali, tapi die exam la ari tu... so nampaknya die kena kirim bunga kot FedEx je la... :(

owh, kem salam ke Mrs ye!!

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

Latest Update:

i called the Sekretariat just now. they cakap kite sume akan terima surat berkenaan konvo within the next few days. that surat will tell us just about everything we want to know. they cakap ada rehersals and all, tapi tarikhnya kena rujuk surat tu... so watch out for ya mail!!!

p/s: suka dapat mail from postman.... exciting!

Airin Koay said...
pada hari 

how come our session not the same wif engineering ppl? kedekut betul la. hehe.

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

tu la pasal.... nampaknya kena resort to plan B... jom gi Speed Dating!!!!!

waiyee said...
pada hari 

^^ lol...then i should be very honoured to be on the very first session...hehe..lots of Dr. the real doctors and of coz those with PhD (well hopefully there are some young ones..hahaha)...need to buka mata betul betul on that day :P

anyway u guys seem to be worry alot bout this whole convo thing...hehe..don't worry...relax...basically they'll send u all the info that u need to know...well, i can help out to tell u guys what i remember from my last year's convo..

errmm firstly about the raptai...well basically u can opt to go or not to go... they'll show u how to wear ur robe, hood and mortarboard properly, how u should receive ur cert from the "fella", how u should walk down the stage holding ur cert, ur seating in the hall...and basically they'll show u some videos of previous convos whereby students made mistakes...tripping on the stage, the mortarboard drop when they bowed while saying thank you to the "fella" and other embarrassing moments.. so that we won't be doing the same. so if u have time for all these, well its a fun way to waste ur time, haha..but if u don't also its alright..just follow whateva the person in front of u are doing and u'll be fine.

secondly, bout those robe, hood and ur mortarboard...u can collect them urselves if u reach penang earlier...or u can ask someone to collect for u by filling up a form (which they'll send to u) that form u need to fill up ur sizes and all and they teach u where and how to measure..this one u need to measure urself properly specially for the mortarboard size (previously i had a hard time cos those sizes just didn't suit the end i opt for the adjustable strap mortarboard..what to do when my kepala kempis!) anyway whateva it is, if u go collect urselves, pls try it on the spot and change on the spot if it's not fitting...cos if u don't and when they run out of sizes, u won't be able to do anything.

about convo photos, no one will be allowed to take photos while in the hall... usm has assigned a company to take photo while u receive ur scrolls from the "fella"...there'll be 3 cameramen at the side of the stage and they'll automatically take photos for u...whether u want to buy from them or not is up to u...and also there'll be videos on the whole session of ur convo..u can buy that too...but i don remember how much ...what my frens n i did last time was we bought 1 copy and burn its so much cheaper that way...

besides that, each students will receive 2 admission tickets to sit inside the graduation hall and watch the whole if u have the whole gang of ppl coming together with u, they have to wait outside the hall. if ur parents are going inside the hall....please ask them to go to the washroom first before entering the hall...after the ceremony starts, all doors arer gonna be closed and no one is allowed to go out of the hall until it ends.

as for accommodation, for those who need to book hotels... please start booking now as some cheap hotels are fully-booked as im typing this!! for those who don't have transport while in penang, it is advisable to book a hotel near usm as taxis in penang doesn't follow meter and they charged very expensive. the most common one will be vistana hotel whereby u can also book apartment with affordable prices and if u come in a large group. but for those with cars, u can opt to stay in georgetown area and if u don't mind paying more n want more comfort, u can opt for hotels at tanjung bungah and batu ferringhi. and check out hotel rates before hand. if u do ur "homework" properly, u can get cheap rooms but good services. so start booking now or asap.

about convo gifts and flowers...u can buy them cheaply at tapak convo or stalls outside usm sungai dua gate. tips: for those whereby ur convo session is at mine previously, by the time i come out of the hall will be 5 something so around 4 something only u can start buying from those stalls whereby they'll really slash the price cos flowers cannot tahan long..they'll try to sell off everything by the end of the if ur parents plan to buy for u..tell them this k and u can save sometimes up to half of ur money!!

hmm...what else? well...just drop me a msg if u guys got any further questions..if i can answer, i'll answer u...thats all for now..hope fully this msg will be able to help out :D

waiyee said...
pada hari 
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
waiyee said...
pada hari 

anyway sorry for double posting...dunno wat's wrong with my pc...and alomost forget...congrats Dr. Sophia...hehe :D

Airin Koay said...
pada hari 

what plan B? u don't need plan B. hello, speed dating only for us single ppl k. haha.

ps: sorry la, comment xde kene mengena dgn post. wakaka

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

you are a life saver wai yee...! i forgot that i have a friend who has just been through it recently. for all who dont know, wai yee grad Pharmacy last year. this year die convo untuk Sarjana Farmasi... masters tuuu! anyway, congrats and selamat menempuh alam pekerjaan!

yeah, u shud be honoured to be receiving ur masters on the first day together with all the big shots!

anyway, thanks for the important tips! really really really helpful. i bet aboo is pleased to know he can get 'economical' flowers for me! haha!

i cant think of anything else to ask you, you practically covered EVERYTHING i wanna know. ill let you know if i think of anything to ask.

airin... i know out of topic but... darn it... i thought it was worth another shot trying to let you guys let me follow to speed dating. i bet it'll be soo much fun! I WANNA GOOOO... i promise to dress really2 bad and spit while i talk... pleaseee!

Airin Koay said...
pada hari 

ok.. but only cos u promised to dress up ugly and talk nonsense. but must confirm with bid first. hehe

waiyee said...
pada hari 

ok Dr. Sophia (aka my friend for 17 years)...i don't remember telling u that im in pharmacy..hahaha!! where u get this idea from??*curious*...yes, my bro is a pharmacist but im field has nothing to do with that...i'm in town planning/urban and regional planning...well if u don't understand, to make long story short, it's like playing the computer game "the sims" or "sim city", town planners will decide what to build, where to build, how many units to build and design layouts... so lets say there's an empty land and a developer wanna develop it, so they'll hire us the town planners to design for them...where to put roads, commercial lots, housing, recreational parks that's basically my job :D

bout the "economical" flowers, im not sure if u can get them cheap inside campus cos students are selling it...but outside campus yes, definitely!! try bargaining as hard as u can... and u'll be surprised with the outcome, trust me...hehe!! :D

LaDy Dark said...
pada hari 

owh yay!!! we will definately rock speed dating... erm, you wii rock speed dating... u and bid.... not me... no, no, definatey not me... cos ill be dressing ugly and spitting through the nonsense ill be saying... haha!

alamak, wai yee, seriously???? i dunno where i got the idea that u are doing pharmacy. i was damn sure thats wat u were doing. aiyak, sorry leh... i dunno how i got my info wrong. i have always thought u were doing pharmacy. owh well, either ways, you still have Masters, so yay to that!!! and sorry again for getting myself mixed up!!

Nbasudi said...
pada hari 

Dr. Sophia, tahniah dari warga Bhg. Hal Ehwal & Pembangunan Pelajar Kampus Kesihatan...sesungguhnya kami bangga dengan anda...Teruskan menggapai bintang..meraih mercu..

Aboo said...
pada hari 

Nbasudi...(pesanan dari Dr.Sophia)

Dr.Sophia skrg berada di Kok Lanas kelantan...ada 'latihan ketenteraan' di sana.

Rabu dia balik ke KL...Isnin (21/07) she officially 'Capten.Dr...'

Katanya,if sempat...dia akan jumpa ada nanti...

Bro Ainor...if berkesempatan!Sila jumpa Lady Dark kita di Kok Lanas...

waiyee said...
pada hari seems that usm did some changes for the convo timetable...if i'm not mistaken yours has been moved to the 5th Session, which means still 16th Aug but the morning session to take your robe 11th Aug 9am-5pm... and ur raptai is on the 13th Aug 2.30pm at DTSP :D

Lady Dark said...
pada hari 

wai yee..
thanks deary... i just received my letter from USM. thank you for pointing out the time change, i might have not noticed it otherwise. :)

Lady Dark said...
pada hari 

abg Dii....!
time kasih atas sokongan dan dorongan... seronok dpt jumpe abd di, kak zie and abg joe aritu. teringat time2 aktif kat HEPP ngan dayat! and jgn risau, jiwa saya tetap ASPIRASI! cuma aboo ni je yang berhaluan kiri ;)

Airin Koay said...
pada hari 

ni x boleh jd ni. nampak nye cam aku sorg je x dpt surat konvo tu lg. kurang ajar punya usm. diskriminasi ke apa. rahim yg kat sarawak tu pon dah dpt tau!

ps: sophie. wat u wearing 4 convo?? hehe

Anonymous said...
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