Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Page for Yon...


I received an unexpected call from a very close friend of mine during my college years... its been years since I've seen this guy... Mohd nasrun is his name, although I prefer calling him Yon. "I am at UMK at the moment. You finished work day? Lets go out for a drink..." I had just reached home that time but agreed to meet Yon at JKR Panji. 15 mins later as I was about to make my way there, I called to see where Yon was. he said he was about to reached. I told him to wait cause ill be there in abit. I reached there 5 minute later to find him standing by his Wira Aeroback in the drizzling rain. he hasn't changed much... still like the old days... however he did put n some weight... got same 'gaya' la!

"You still playing badminton? haven't changed much have you? still rugged as before with the torn jeans and all..." we were the undefeated doubles back in our years in college. 'tertutup unit USM', 'Antara Unit Kolej', 'Tertutup Kolej', 'Antara Kolej Se-Malaysia' ... You name it, we've got the gold for it! but the toughest match had to be the one against Posto and Siok of UMS Unit. We won- of course! but to much disappointment and anger of the UMS supporters who showed their rage till inside the court! but i still remember being held up high by Sleme... felt like i won the ALL-England!

We then headed to a restaurant near Pulau Melaka bridge for a drink. from there we could see the Madrasah initiated by the Kelantan's Menteri Besar.

"You still smoking like hell huh? You should think about stopping ya know, its bad for your health". we talked mostly about what our friends were up to. it turns out that many picked teaching as a profession...among others was Kashfi, Haris and Matli . Yon also mentioned that many ofour friends were married... and some even have kids already. Soon to be called dad would be Nazri... Congrats!! 2007 is indeed a '1st baby' year perhaps due to the mating season last year! But CONGRATULATIONS anyway! Yon himself had his baby on last May 5. His son is named Iz Rizky, mainly due to the fact that his dad is influenced by Indonesia. his baby was definitely a blessing cos now Yon's wife has a reason to ask for a transfer closer to Sintok... So Yon doesn't have to make his weekly trips from Sintok to Penang which I could only imagine be very tiring for him...

"So whatcha doing here in UMK? planning to lecture here?" I asked. he said that he is here to meet a fellow lecturer who is setting up his department at UMK, just to say hi, nothing more. according to him, there are many senior lecturers who are asking for a transfer to UMK so they can come back to Kelantan, so the younger lecturers have to give in.

I failed to mention that Yon is a lecturer at the faculty of Technology Management in UUM... and I have to add that he is the youngest lecturer there! He is also currently counting the days to be sent to US to persue his phD!! ...Waaahhhh!!!

What interest me more during our conversation that evening was his criticism towards my old job as a journalist. : Iisn't it better now that you have a job like this, better pay... can buy your own brand new car summore! At least your living up to your engineering degree. Rather then what you used to do... you were constantly down my back last time for money whenever you were broke... God knows how much money you owe me... worst still, God knows ow much you owe others! have you settled your debts yet?"

Yup...I'd have to agree that my previous job had a crappy pay, but it did also come with a sense of satisfactory that i can never get back. then the next interesting question came: "You happy here? I know you like to enjoy and all..." I replied " I like it here. its peaceful, not hectic like it was in KL... here I get to wake up at 8.45am when my work starts at 9am.. no jams to worry about"

"So when are you gonna get married? the rest of us are busy making children!" Came the bonus question. "Marriage? Haha, no where near that! not thinking bout it at the moment! all my money is going into my MBA to OUM... that would eat up another 2 years. "So where you planning to work after your Masters?" "Dunno yet. Anywhere. Bank maybe... or even lecturing like you. Government paying well what now!"

Hmm... guess this is it for ...'A page for Nasrun..'. I could keep on writing forever but I can't be blogging during office hour... thats just not right! plus I might bore ya. anyway, guess this is enough to show that I still remember you and the money I owe you...Errr..RM250!

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