Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Night Late Forum : The Election, Sir...

Last night...I found it hard to sleep, there was a lot of things coming into my head especially the unfinished work I have, "Aahhh...keje? esok aku buat laa.." I sighed to myself.It was 2am, but I still couldnt sleep..."Arkk..if today was a champion league match, ok laa, at least can watch some footie..." I sighed again. I closed my eyes tight and tried to free my mind...the sleepiness was donning in... "finally, I can get some rest".

Just then, a very familiar voice awoke me "Hey...'master of the body', We cannot sleep too... lets have a chat"."Shit...that was my knee-head brain's voice, arkk...what does 'it' want at this time?its 2.15am already, go to sleep laa...!" I talked to myself while trying not to shout out the question. "Sir... we can't sleep, please...chit chat with us!Please wake-up, Sir..." The other voice tried to persuade me. "Arkk...that's my right-brain's voice..."Its here too? I'm done this time... there goes my sleep...". Then...I heard the other say "They brought me too sir...". " left-brain also here...?" I sigh again.

Then...I decided to wake my self up and said to them "Ok...Ok...Ok...what do you guys want huh??" The knee-head brain answer "Alaa...we just wanna chat you, we also can't sleep maa..!!"I ask them again "You guys wanna talk about what?". The right-brain answer "I`m interest to talk about the election sir..."."ELECTION??at this time?hey...left-brain, you wanna talk about election too?" I ask the left-brain. The it said"I follow the majority sir.." Then knee-head brain said "The ELECTION topic is a good topic laa...". "Okla..then you ask me...or I ask you?" I ask them. "I want you to ask me,Sir..." The right-brain answer. "Me too.." Knee-head brain also answer the same. "And you left-brain...?"I ask the left-brain. Then it say "I'll follow the majority, Sir...".

We started the 'Wednesday Late Forum' with my first question to them..

"Can you give me a reason..why have I yet to register as a voter"
Right-head brain: You lack of awareness, you are not motivated as well, Sir!
Knee-head brain : You're still confuse...which party will will you vote for!
Left-head brain : Hmm... I don't have any idea, Sir !

Then ask them my second question..."Ok...If I register as a voter...which party should I vote for?"
Right-head brain : You just vote the candidate who delivers what you want, Sir...
Knee-head brain : You vote the party who will give you RM20++ or kain pelikat..
Left-head brain : You just do 'undi rosak', Sir...

"Shit you left-head, if I do 'undi rosak', it will just be a waste of my time,fool"...but it answered "At least you got a day off, Sir...".

Then I ask them my 3rd question "Ok...what you guys think about 'undi-rosak'...?
Right-head brain : Definitely an unethical behavior, Sir...
Knee-head brain : I heard somewhere, there were campaign about a boycott...Sir, do 'undi-rosak' its the way to boycott!
Left-head brain : Sir...I think, the 'undi-rosak' gang..come to the election just to get they leave from work only...By the way, they came to confirm their attendance.

"Ok..where should I vote?Here...or at my hometown?".
Right-head brain : better vote here, Sir! You stay that you can see the progress if the candidate that you voted for wins!
Knee-head brain : You just vote here, no need to go back to your hometown...but if the candidates allow you to claim the petrol, you should go back to your hometown.
Left-head brain : Hmm..same shit different place, Sir!Errr...actually your vote is not valid yet, need to register as a voter first, Sir...

"Hmm...Ok2, I`ll register soon...tell me what you feel about SPR?" I ask them my 5th question.
Right-head brain : Sir...I think its too much controlled by the government that that's not fair the opposition, they should stay under the parliament or Agong, Sir..!
Knee-head brain : So far so 'old' !
Left-Head : 50th year of SPR...nothing to say, Sir...

"But..the MARFEL can monitor the SPR...right" ? I ask them my 6th question !
Right-head brain : I don't think its enough, Sir...but better then nothing !
Knee-head brain : Who wanna hear?who wanna read the report?Shit...
Left-head brain : It should change its name to WAFER, let's eat together..Hmm...but if edible pun not filling...nothing !

"Then..for what I should join the election as a voter ?" I ask them my 7th question...
Right-head brain : For your country, Sir...
Knee-head brain : Totally for nothing!
Left-head brain : Errr...for 1-day leave, Sir...

" guys vote... should i register as a voter or not ?"
Right-head brain : Yesss, Sir...
Knee-head brain : No !!!
Left-head brain : I follow the majority, Sir...

"Shit you left-head...give me your vote" I scold and ask it again.. "Eerrrr...really I don't know,'s up to you!"

Suddenly...I felt a sudden urge to micturate. I opened my eyes ...the clock on my wall showed 4.45am. there's no one there..."was I talking about the election just now?Aarrkkk...was i dreaming or what, argghhhh..." I sighed to myself. i made my intended trip to the toilet, did what i had to do (so to speak) and forced myself back to sleep again...

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