Saturday, April 12, 2008


Its hard to believe that it has since been a year since we started bloging... what started as a mere interest in writing has now developed into something read, appreciated and condemned by many... What started out as a medium for our thoughts to be put forward has now become a platform for new friendship to blossom and for old ones to be renewed... It has also beautiffuly brought us closer to the community we belong to...

We would like to thank all those reading this... you have indeed played a major role in keeping this site alive and lively. Special thanks to my fellow bloggers who had inspired several of our articles....Bro Sheih (bila nak belanja roti bakar lagi?), Datuk Kamal Amir, Hishamudin Rais, Datuk Kadir Jasin, Syed Hussein Al-Attas... just to name a few... We hope you guys halalkan any plagiarisme as we are still picking up our pace in this field.

We believe that blogging is a right channel (despite being abit critical and cynical) to express our thought feeling and ideas about what we see and the way we see it. This is a free forum... no cost imposed... (Semacam non-profit punya sector - Bikin kerja amal...) So we hope that you are also enjoying this ride of blogging as we's to another year!

Happy 1st Year of Blogging to UNPUBLISHEDNOTES ! ! !

Pssstt....To both, Mr.Pali & Miss (Dr.) Runin...happy birthday! Huhu...(jimat space maa...) and VERY SPECIAL (taktau apa istilahnya utk wishing yg ini...but TOO SPECIAL!) to our unforgotten friends Arwah Zulhafiz aka Bahouk and Arwah Idris! May Allah Bless their soul...

Thank you....
Aboo & Lady Dark

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