Thursday, May 8, 2008

Work and Play !

Exhausted...Relieved. ..Finally...
I cant really find the exact words to describe what I felt on that faithful
30thof April 2008 when at 5pm, 2 years of clinic was officially OVER… OVER… soooo OVER…!

Clinic was definitely a fiesta that day… many making last minute attempts at finishing their clinical requirements… last crown to be issued, last tooth extraction, last Class II cavity, last review of URA… I wasn’t left out of the ‘fun’. I finally issued my last Cobalt Chrome denture which I pray the pakcik will wear. Had to bother Dr Adam who was busy at his wife’s stall to help me out with the issuing of denture. He was quite annoyed but I had to do what I had to do.

Yup, on that same day, our school had PASARIA to celebrate Pusat Pengajian Sains Pergigian USM’s 10th Anniversary. So our doctors were busy with their stalls, adding up to the chaos that day.

And what does one do after 2 years of hard work... one goes on holiday!!! I packed my bag the next day and headed to Kuala Terengganu to find peace and tranquility. Here’s a recap of my short but sweet holiday…

Day 1

I reached Terengganu by bus only to find that all the affordable chalets in town were fully occupied due to the Labour’s Day long weekend. While looking for a chalet, I got a chance to visit the Terengganu Equestrian Resort. Who would have guessed that this seaside state was home to such a luxurious place.

We then headed out of town. So I had to settle for a chalet nearing Marang which I strongly do not recommend. Stiff bed, noisy staff, small tv, no tv reception, no tv remote control, squatting toilet and shaky room… seriously, my room literally rocked. i have no idea why. The only thing good about it was that it was by the beach.

At night I was brought to the biggest Mydin in Malaysia which everyone should go to! Huge! Humongous! And I also visited Giant which was just opposite it.

Then I returned home to my stiff bed and lousy reception TV where I watched WWE Raw till I fell asleep.

Day 2

I woke up early to catch the famous Nasi Dagang. Was lucky to get there in time cause if we were two minutes later, the Nasi Dagang would have been finished. It was delicious and cheap!

Then in the afternoon, I got to enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach at the area of the airport. Many families were enjoying themselves and even horse riding. Had some sotong and ikan goreng at a stall nearby with an adorable couple who’s kindda my cousin- in- laws to be… if both our plans work out la… haha… Welcome Ba'e (he prefers his identity to be withheld, haha!) and his fiancĂ©e Nadia to UNPUBLISHEDNOTES. And thanks for the sotong and fish which you were conned to pay!

Then at night I was brought on a tour around Marang. They have this beautiful masjid. And much to contrary believe, Marang ain't so bad… not the kampong place its been said to be. Its not KL but ok la…

Day 3

Checked out of my chalet at 2. It started raining in the beautiful town of Marang. Next stop before my bus at 8 pm was the famous and controversial Masjid Crystal… I visited the much talked about Masjid Kristal. What I have heard before arriving…”bukan bleh smayang kat situ pon” and “ada reflection jin kat masjid tu” and “bazir duit je” and much more lah…

I arrived there expecting to feel the same. As I too thought of that place as being a waste of money especially if you cant pray in it. The journey to the mosque was abit confusing as it lacked proper signboards…tu pun added to my bad impression towards that place… luckily my ‘driver’ had good navigational instincts… although we did get lost once! Haha!. But when I got there, I must say that the place was beautiful… breathtaking… and it wasn’t even complete yet! And yes… it turns out that you CAN pray in Masjid Kristal, it’s the other two beside it that you cant.

And the theme park was also definitely edutaining! You could learn soo much about the magnificent mosque around the world and then realize how important that Malaysia has its own. Dunno bout you, but I see lots of potential in this place… I just hope it is developed properly. Bottom line is you should not listen what others say… People’s judgment of this magnificent mosque has been tainted by their political idealism. go check it out for yourself… then decide if it’s a waste or not… plus it is Visit Terengganu 2008… grab that opportunity.

Bus back was at 8, kindda sad to leave Terengganu, but had to go back to Kelantan… plus I'm not working yet to afford an extension of my stay.

Good Luck People!

Anyway, back to academic issues… its study week now… finals are on the 18th of May. I wanna take the opportunity to thank all the lecturers who didn’t bar me (haha!) and wish all my colleagues the best of luck… hope ramai dapat distinction, bebudak medic khabarnya SEMUA LULUS...COngats! And...Ba'e, cepat2 nikah dengan Nadia...

Lady Dark

UPDATE: Double tumbs-up each to SOPHIA ANN MURRAY and AIRIN KOAY...DISTINCTION TUUU!!!! huhu...tu je! Yang lain tu..Congrats juga!


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