Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrating Mothers...

Hmmm...May 11, Mother's Day! I just wanna wish my mother Hajjah Aishah Salleh, 61years old...veteren WANITA UMNO member... single mother...the one and only mother to me... a happy mother's day...!She didn't give me permission to expose too much of her on this blog since she has quite a negative impression on blogs as it is said to be one of the reasons her BELOVED PARTY LOST!

Just wanna to share something... Last night, my family celebrated Lokman Hakim's (my brother's son) 6th birthday....All my 4 siblings and in laws were present. My brother treated us with KFC. What was interesting was that Lokman cried after we all sang an out of tune happy birtday's song, too happy perhaps..?!Just remembered the song lyrics....

"Selamat Hari jadi..Selamat Hari jadi...Selamat Hari jadi Lokman...Semoga panjang umur...semoga murah rezeki...and bla...bla..blaa..."

For his 6th birthday, Lokman got my keyboard which Bro Peyol wanted to buy it RM80 from me last year...huhu! I was lucky I had something i wasn't using to give my nephew as a present...
Anyhow...All this is about happiness! I knew my mother was happy being with her children... although some of us never listened to her...(that would mean ME!) and her naughty but adorable grandchildren... But i have to say that when she lectures... It hurts the soul! huhu...


My mother is no hajjah... no grandchildrens yet (that would probably be my fault and also hers for not letting me marry early, haha!)... a 58 year old BARISAN supporter... a wife and a mother of three...and looks like sharifah aini or Dr Torres in Greys Anatomy!... Rasul Bee binti Mohd Ismail... yup, she has a wierd name... she blames my indian grandfather for that... but i think its cool anyway...

So wat do i say about my mom... she nags...ALOT. she controls my life ...ALOT. she refuses to listen to excuses and wat she says goes. she basically has the veto say in my life. but im glad shes like that. because of her, i am one week away from being a dentist. because of the values she forced into us, i am a trustable, honest and dependable person. because of her, my two sisters are each in Medical and Pharmacy courses. its because of her believe in us that we are who we are and well cared for.

Anyway... i would like to wish my mummy the Happiest Mother's Day. Hope you like what we bought for you this year! :)


So... Our hope is that all of you take this once in a year oppurtunity to say Happy Mother's Day to your mother... If you are too shy to do so, we invite you to immortalise your favourite memories with your mother in this blog and may it count as an unsaid wish to your mothers.

Aboo & Lady Dark

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