Monday, December 24, 2007

Anna Maria Mora's Tips

The day before the exam:

  • Both parent and child should remain calm.
  • Parents should not place pressure on the child at last minute.
  • Put the books and pencils down and relax. Spend time with the child and do things that the child likes, for example, take a walk, play a game or cook the child's favourite meal.
  • Reassure him that things would be all right, no matter what the results are.

    The day of the exam:
  • Parents should not wait at the child's school. This gets the child nervous and stressed.
  • Parents should not call on their child's cell phone asking them questions about the exam.
  • Both parent and child should avoid becoming nervous.
  • Children must understand that "this too shall pass;" it is just one step that they must take.

    After the exam:
  • Parents should learn relaxation techniques.
  • Parents should take time off from their busy schedules and spend with their children.
  • Parents should encourage their children in extra-curricular activities, not only academics, to help them to relax their minds and bodies.
  • Parents should remember to praise their children no matter what the results are and where they are placed. Remind them that they still have their support and love.
  • After the exam, children should spend a few quite minutes, saying to themselves, "I am loveable and capable. No matter what my parents are doing to me, I am okay, I'll be all right."
  • Children must not compare answers after they have left the exam room. This can become stressful.

  • Source
    International Stress Management Association(ISMA)
    By Dr Dawn Hamiltion

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