Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day...Call your parent now!

When the last time your boss got angry withyou? How did you feel...? Tensed..?Stressed..? Feel like quitting your job immediately? No friend Ahmad Syamsul Wadi aka Wadi sent a 1 month notice last week... too much pressure at his work place... My friend Wadi will be joining other friend's like Haris Harun aka Haris Kurus in implementing their engineering skills by being a TEACHER to a future graduate, laa... Ops...that's only an introduction...

When I feel something as though as something is not right such as when im angry because of my Boss or if i have car problems...I found a way to relax... this... last week I called my mother to tell her that I had just enrolled into a MBA course at OUM KB. She said while I heard her chuckle "Hmm...when do you want to give mummy money monthly...? hai...I guess, I need to wait another 2 years for me to get a taste of your earnings!". Then she continued to tease "Where are you gonna get the RM20k++ to cover your studies..? did you call for a sponsorship from mummy...?" . I know, she didn't mean to ask me to give her some money...cause I know her monthly income is more than enough to cover her daily expenses and much more bigger than my salary as a Company Coordinator...Wahhh! teasing me like that, I knew that inside of her heart my mother is happy every time I call her. Its not about letting her in on the good news but its just about telling her something new about myself! Ask do you feel when you hear your mother laughing because of you?

Ops...1 more story,last time... every first or second day of the mother will call me and ask me couple of questions like...PTPTN...paid?House rent..paid??Car...paid??? Automatically I`ll tell her..."Beres !!!". To me the questions were not merely to ask but it was because she was concerned...but now, when I receive my salary, I will call my mother and tell her..."Err...PTPTN... paid!House...paid!!Car...paid!!!". At least I know she will be happy to hear about it.

Wo...woo...wooo...why am I talking about my 'mother', today is 'father's day'!!! father passed away on Friday, December 30, 2004 same day as his 62nd birthday. Just to note that, IF my father was still alive he would be acting like my mother is now! I don't want talk about my father, too much memories with him makes me sad, just give him al-fatihah!!! suddenly i find myself thinking of my late friend's Arwah Ahmad Zulhafiz aka Bahouk (picture above)father ...What would he be feeling every father's day without his son...ark, I don't know!! So, just give to Arwah Bahouk al-fatihah too! One day...I will make a story about my friend, Arwah Bahouk...

Friends...please spare 10minutes to call your father, make him happy with something new about you! Not like me...I just have a 59year old women whom I call mother! But...I'll call her to tell something new anyway...


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