Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Research & Development + Implementation !

This morning..I received a copy of 'TECHNICAL REPORT of ISO 9001:2000 IMPLEMENTATION OF GUIDELINES FOR MALAYSIA SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISE". The 154pages report was done after a 11month work-hard research by my friend, Miss Hasnida Ab Samat as a task for her final year thesis to complete her Mechanical Engineering requirement. What impressed me was she only come once to my work place to survey the manufacturing process-flow. During her 11 month thesis, we communicated by 29 emails and not more then 30 calls. Only with 1 survey+29 emails+30calls, she finished this fantastic-manual that in which i can use to implement the ISO 9001:2000 at my work-place!

Someone said "Its just a thesis done by an undergraduate student for her graduation requirement !". To not just an ordinary thesis but a great deal of research about the company. As a small/medium manufacturing sector, the 'manual' is very useful for implementation. How much would it cost if we were to hire a consultant to do the 'manual' ?
I guess...the cost will be around RM5k-RM7k per day for a basic layout. To a small/medium manufacturer...RM5k-RM7k per day...not a small amount, a lot of things could be bought...

There are a lot of successful 'R&D's done at universities but were not commercialized as there is basically lack of awareness to the benefit of it. The university management themselves is not concerned about the success of the R&D while most of them only just think about the profit of the grant. To way to use the R&D is to add one more word at 'Research & Development' itself which word 'implementation'. So it should be renamed: 'Research & Development + Implementation'.

The copy that I receive is the one of the examples of a useful R&D paper work for a SME such as my work place. Who is responsible to create such ideas to do that ?? In my case...the person who was responsible to create this "Manual Guide to ISO" was my ex-lecturer Dr.Shahrul Kamaruddin. When I met him last year, I asked him how to create a standard ISO for my work place. He gave me a suggestion about ISO for my company and promised to help me by giving the ISO title to one of his students as their final year thesis. He kept his promise and after 11months, he delivered the promise by producing the "Manual Guide to ISO" specifically a study case at my work place via Miss Hasnida's thesis.

To be more clear..the focus research output is not only just to commercializes like producing products but the focus must goes as far as to how it can be implemented. R&D will be produced from the universities and the implementation is the responsibility of the enterprises especially to the small/medium enterprises. As long as the research can be use for the enterprises, that is by far declared as a successful research. much should we pay Miss Hasnida and Dr.Shahrul??? By the way...I owe you the implementation! One day..I`ll deliver it with an ISO certificate...


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Anonymous said...
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Hasnida said...
pada hari 

Hi Aboo...i am Hasnida. I hope u still remember me. what a shock to read this post as i just randomly typed my name to find my publications in the internet. anyway..thank you so much & hope that technical report will be useful.


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