Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet the Fella

Waiting for fella...

I arrived at Pengkalan Chepa Airport at 7.45pm...parked my 10years old iswara at a no-parking spot like rest of the folks here near the arrival gate. I went inside and checked the MH1402 schedule, and my doubt was confirmed that MH1402 has yet to arrive. Its still early and I think should have a smoke first..I walked outside and sat at a 'public-seat' and smoked my peter near the arrival gate while checking out a few girls also eagerly awaited the arrival of the Malaysian Airline. Some of them were smiling, chating, even smoking ..but most of them looked sick of waiting..kot ? From my view, there were 6-7 taxi drivers talk amongst themselves while waiting to get a passenger. They were talking something like 'kedai pelayan : after work, we all go...!' I tried to look for some 'unregistered taxis' or 'ulat' or 'prebet sapu' as commonly known but...honestly...I can't find them, maybe they are hiding somewhere...or maybe this not their area...or 'prebet sapu' do not work at the night...don't know la. I finished my smoke, put out the light and dumped my cigarette butt into a big ashtray looking thing which i presume isn't suppose to function as an ashtray.

'knee-head's brain' + 'left-brain' + 'right-brain' = 'My-Brains conscience'

I walked near the gate and noticed that the clock at the wall showed 7.55pm...and i sighed to myself "Aaahh...5 minutes late??Why hasn't the MH 1402 arrived?Aaahhh...whatever laa..". I walked outside and smoked another peter...and 'my brains conscience' started giving me signals which led me to another sigh of 'whatever la'! Personally I don't like it when 'my brains' are too me 'they' are trouble makers, especially my 'knee-head's brain conscience' !! Actually...'whatever' is not a good 'decision', maybe 'they' come just because of the word W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R !! Unfortunately...sometime the provocative attitude of 'knee-head's brain conscience' gets great support from the my second brain called 'left-brain conscience'. what's good about my second brain is its 'two- faced' attitude. But...I got one more 'brain-conscience' which always will save me and cool down my 1st and 2nd brains...its named 'right-brain conscience'. One thing that I always worry about is the argument they argue amongst themselves...ark!This of the situation, one that worried me at that moment...

My 'knee-head brain' started thinking of really out of the world ideas... which i hope is not too negative!
Knee-head brain :Its late!! Lets sue MAS...!!
Right-brain : Ehh...cannot...cannot...MAS is to big laa..we cannot fight them...wanna die or what??
The 'knee-head brain' continued the idea...
Knee-head brain :Errr...ok2...we`ll sue the chairman, Dato' Dr. Munir!!!
The left-brain supports the 'knee-head's brain' idea...
Left-brain : Yesss....yess...I`m agree...we sue the chairman..
Right-brain :Hm..that big-bird can easily peck us..we`ll loose the case in no time...!
Knee-head brain :Hahh...Idris Jala...he is Managing Director cum CEO of the MAS.
Left-brain : yaaa...we sue Idris Jala...
Right-brain : But then, what's the difference between Dato' Munir and Idris?? Also..big bird, So..cannot...cannot..cannot, we will not win the case!!!
Left-brain :We need find the person who is responsible for the late arrival of MH1402,
Knee-head brain : I got one...why don't we sue Captain Ahmad Zuraidi Dahalan, Flight Operations Senior General Manager...
Left-brain : thats the person whos responsible for the late arrival yaa...??
Right-brain : Hmm...
but, for sure...he will be too busy to come to the court!Aaahhh...I don't agree to sue him, for sure we will not meet him at the court, I'm not interested to sue a person who will not come to court, for sure!!!
Left-brain : fun to sue a person who will not come to the court.So...who will we sue ?? Who's navigating the plane..??
Knee-head brain :Yess...yess...we'll sue the pilot...He's who's responsible for the delay of the arrival...he're navigating the plane...the key of flight MH1402 is in his hands maaa..!!
Left-brain : So...he's totally the cause of the plane being late...ish..ish...siap la kamu wahai si pilot, we'll sue you..".
Right-brain : guys forgot something...we are the brain of a mechanical engineer...maybe, the plane's mechanical got screwed-up or something...the mechanical factor is an unpredictable problem maa...the pilot is innocent maaa...
Left-brain : Yaa...yaa...we can't sue the wrong person...that's immoral la...we find others to blame laa...
Knee-head :Then...we should sue the announcer, maybe she went out somewhere during her work time?this is...ethic problem...she must be responsible for this matter!
Left-brain : How do you know the announcer is a 'she'...? I guess..the announcer is 'he' laa...
Right-brain : doesnt matter if the announcer is a she or a he...the important is, how much does the announcer earn? what if the announcer is someone who provides for his family... don't you have pity for the announcer i think he knopws hes job well enough to annonce the arrival of the flight, if its here, we'll know bout it, if its not... then its not la...better just stop thinking about suing, see there...'', if you got a complain we just better send the complain to that email add...!For sure...if they saman-balas us...there'll be trouble to us...but then, theres always bloggers united!

SUDDENLY...there were 'she'-voice from the no-where...and all 'my-brains conscience' gone...the voice anounce "PENGUMUMAN...KETIBAAN PESAWAT MH1402...KL-KB + bla..bla..bla.."

The First Meet...

Haaa...He's arrived!!! I was still smoking my 4th Peter's and just starred outside...finished smoking and disposed my peter the same way i did the rest and then walk inside and waited again but now at the air-conditioned side of the airport ! the passenger of MH 1402 went out...most of them had large luggages! From a distance...i noticed a medium build, slightly bald guy, very familiar...just with a sling beg on his left shoulder + pull trolley bag in his left hand. My assumption the load of his left hand was nearly 30kg++ and his right hand was just his less than 200gram NOKIA handphone. I thought to myself, there is a great balancing problem going on!!

I come up to him and say "bro sheih kaaa?" He stared at me and moved the handphone to his left hand and said "Yesss...yes...Jasny yaa...jap yaa..." What a great meet...

*while i create this knee-head's brain come and ask "Hey the body owner, why the title is 'meet the fella...' ? You just meet the fella at your last paragraph jee..." I answer "Ikut suka aku laaa...."


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