Wednesday, April 11, 2007

90% - FUND + 10% - DONATION = MASJID AL-IMAN !!!

Yesterday evening...while still at my work place reviewing the weekly quality status of the secretary, Maznah told me that someone wants meet me. I said "Who..? 'she' or 'he'..?" my secretary said "a 'he' laa... a Haji in fact... Ishh..dia ni..". "Oo...ok2...ask him to come up.." I said. From my window I can see a middle-aged bearded guy with a 'lebai' who then came into my room, and then...

Haji : Assalamualaikummm boss..I'm sorry for disturbing?? Are you busy kah ?
Mr. BS : Waalaikumsalaammm...ehhh, don't call me boss..I am not your boss.. hmm..anything that I can do for you ? I`m Mr. Bright Sight but just call me BS are...??
Haji : name Haji ??? (ark...lupa..!! really forgot his real name) came from Tumpat...I come to ask for some donation for the construction of Masjid Al-Iman at Kampung Kubu Telaga Bata, Tumpat! I hope you can make some donation laa..Lillah-hi taalaa je!
Mr. BS : Ooo... donation?? that sounds good! Hmm..but why does the `masjid-committee` still need to ask for donation..dont you already have enough ?The govermant doesnt provide the fund kah ?
Haji : No..not like that!They...give us 90% of the total cost plus some accommodation!
Mr.BS : 90% ?! why they don't give 100% ? guys misused it kot ? hahaa..
Haji : la! the goverment supports 90% of the cost and we're expected to generate the balance 10% from the locals that, the locals can do their part in building this masjid .. plus this is a good way to put up a masjid- by helping each other... a lot of benefit, especially in the after life ! take for example like kampung telaga batu .. the kampung folks chipped in to build their masjid, and now the masjid is giving back to the people around there too and if you make some are one of them !
Mr. B : (Speechless....<-as though being sarcastically attacked !!!) Ok la haji..I'll give some from this company! I called my secretary and ask her for some petty cash money ! She give me some while arguing with me...

Secretary : For what this money boss..?
Mr.B : For the akhirat the voucher haaa...
Secretary : Ok... (shocked!!!)

I went back to my room, put the money into the two envelopes...

Mr.B : Haji... this is our sincere donation.
Haji : But... why two envelopes...?
Mr.B :One for the masjid... one for you !

: One for me ? this is bribery or whatt...?
Mr.B : No..No..No..this is ikhlas from the company to you..please take it !
Haji : so this is really sincere ...? (looking disbelieved..)

I just watched his reaction, thinking to myself- why la? isnt wat i gave him enough??

Haji : if wat you've given me is sincere, then i'll accept it..
Mr.BS : thats the way Haji, dun say no to good fortune. its sincere, not bribery

Haji ..put his envelop into the 'masjid-envelop' in front of my eyes ! and then...he said thanks and asked to leave !

One phrase from the Haji that I think I will remember it for a long time..for sure !
"i think theres a lot you should try to understand and learn on how to be sincere in a better way... assalamualaikum!!!"

Arkk...when he left i just sat at my desk thinking about it!


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Anonymous said...
pada hari 

I think he means about the secrcy and about the secretary know about the doation.. ? i dont know allah knows best. but nice story. i like the way Haji puts his money in the masjid envilope becasue he is very sinsire.


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