Monday, May 28, 2007

Jamali Bin Nordin

Jamali Nordin a.k.a Gobeck...I started to know him since we were at the same college somewhere in Kulim. we were also later at the same university but in different faculties.. From the outside...Jamali looks cool and composed ... but inside- only God knows! During our years at collage...Jamali was superb in playing pingpong, Jamali's pingpong-mates were Fadli aka Pali Bucit and Puyu (what was Puyu's real name?? cant remember..!). As I remembered...Jamali never beat me in sports because during the inter-collage sports, the pingpong team only got silver but the BADminton team won gold... Suddenly really miss Mohd Nasrun aka Dr.Nasrun who currently works as a lecturer at UUM. Still owe him RM250.00 ! Ops...please don't forget the phase 'holly-shit', very synonym to Jamali.

The Amani Phenomenon !
Never could forget the hottest gossip in Jamali's life. i still clearly remember the gossip between Jamali and NurAmani, a Kelantanesse girl (whom i should address as a woman by now) who was good friends with her civil coursemate Nur Sarah aka fair Sarah (whom i use to adore). But through it all, Jamali tried avoiding the gossip by acting cool. That's why I said: From the outside...Jamali looks cool and composed ... but inside- only God knows! But... the never-published rumours was that once upon a time somewhere a cafe Jaya, Tronoh...Badrul Hisyam aka Bad Langkap (Die-Hard Lover of Cikgu Umi) told me that he over heard Jamali's confession to arwah Zulhafiz aka Bahouk (al-fatihah) that he LIKED amani too! Err...I myself personally never believed any story from Bad Langkap. But...this is just the rumour by Bad Langkap, Personally...I suggest we all forgot that story (FULL-STOP)
Bad Langkap...the scar at my left-shoulder will always remind me of the 5bikes-accident after solat-hajat opposite of Lembaran Cafe. "Hang bodoh...awat hang tak breakkk!!!"

From AEE to WMG
AEE was the plat number of the RXZ which belonged to Jamali and was part of the Kabo-RXZ-Team. The other members were Shahrul Azwadi aka Kojekoff, Fairul Azman aka Peyol, Mohd Fathul Hakim aka Patul, Khairul Azhani aka Ed and the most remembered team-jokey, Tunku Saiful Bakhtiar aka Sepu Udang. Among those 6 bikes, Jamali's bike was always wiped and polished ... like Kojekoff's and Sepu's RXZ. The worst bike condition was Ed's. No wonder Ed's bike went missing just like that! The last time I saw the AEE was 2years ago at Puchong...but the appearance and condition dropped to the lowest level because of WMG. WMG is Jamali's current vehicle and it is an ISWARA S.E ! I do not know whether this WMG is already registered under PERWIRA Club (Kelab Pemilik Iswara) founded by Mohd Fazli aka Bob or not. I noticed that only Wan Rosli aka Seli EE registered his car with Bob. Recently I saw the WMG 2 days ago at Jamali's parents in law's house somewhere at Kampung Nangka, Pengkalan Chepa. Till date the millage is already nearing 65000km and the current price would definately drop to less than half its original price. Jamali also complained to me that the condition of his car was horrible especially when the air-condition was ON. But...right now, Jamali automatically is the owner of a Kancil belonging to Jamali's wife. For sure...the total maintenances for his cars will rise exponentially with the increase of cars he owns. Please contact Muzzamil aka Men to register that Kancil under PERKECIL club (Kelab Pemilik Kancil). As I know, among our friends only Men uses a Kancil 660.

3hour before angkat nikad
25 May 2007...6.15pm, 3hours before Jamali's akad nikad, I picked Jamali to have a drink at Warung Pelayan, Pengkalan Chepa. I drank Teh Beng and Jamali ask for Kopi O. I asked Jamali why he did not order a cold drink, Jamali said "Untuk jaga stamina laa....". We ate some sate my surprise, Jamali only ate 3-4sate."Nervous la..."he said. Jamali had already trimmed all the hairy parts of his face but he looked pale. Around 7pm I sent Jamali back and wished him luck.

Wedding Day
26 may 2007...12.20pm, I arrived at Jamali family's house to escort Jamali to his bride's house 3km from where he was putting up. I met Jamali's father, Pakcik Nordin and asked him "Berapa kali akad nikah semalam...?"Pakcik Nordin smiled and said"Sekali sajaa....". From outside of house I could see a very handsome guy whom i knew as Jamali wearing his suit which i wold like to name 'Last Minute Maroon Virgin Warrior". We arrived at the bride's house 40 minutes later along with 6-7 other cars and a specially rented bus from Kuala Kangsar. NurMadura @ Hadura @ Nadura was already waiting for Jamali at in front of house with her suit which i named 'Nervous Maroon Virgin'. At the pelamin, Jamali tried to control his nervousness by act like cool. But...I knew Jamali was VERY NERVOUS because he couldnt find me even though I was sitting just 2 meters in the angle of 4o degrees away from him. Jamali also try to cover his face when I wanted to snap his picture (the reality...take a look to the picture above).

4 Days After Wedding
Yesterday evening...I went out to have a drink with Jamali at My Curry Restaurant at Pengkalan Chepa and Jamali look tired. Maybe Jamali hasnt slept enough. From the conversation between me and Jamali, I knew that finally Jamali has someone to share his feelings with. Jamali grumbled that he was quite frustrated because he had to cancel his honeymoon-trip to AWANA KIJAL cause there were too many dinner invitations from his MakSu, MakLang, MakTeh and so on... Honestly, I didnt care much about Jamali frustration, I only cared about wanting to know this..."Sedap dok...?". Jamali smiled and said "Rugi mu...kawin cepat2 laa..". Now...Jamali principle is "Pantang gesel...jadi selaluuu....!". When I sent Jamali back...his father in-law was waiting for him outside the house. Maybe he was worried about his son-in-law.

Outro friend, I pray to God that he blesses both of you. May God bring happiness to you and you wife, Madura @ Hadura @ Nadura. This article is a symbol of appreciation from me to you in hopes that we will be both reminded of the great friendship we have. Thanks for being a good friend to me.

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